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節錄自 池田大作 語錄 (佛教思想家、教育家、社會活動家、桂冠詩人、著名作家及業餘攝影師)  



Our studio, Ki-lrigan Culture Studio, was established in 2014. We are dedicated to arousing the Ki-lrigan residents’ interest by means of public art with its profound history and culture, and engage them to concern more about Ki-lrigan in their daily lives and all sort of relevant public issues.


Recent years, there are a lot of construction plans in Ki-lrigan , and the builders will demolish the historical sites and old buildings while constructing the apartments. Besides, the residents can’t associate the historical sites and old buildings with the long history and the splendid culture of Ki-lrigan. We don’t want construction plans become the barriers among nature, history, culture and human interactions, and we established Ki-lrigan Culture Studio therefore. Not only do we renovate collaborative brainstorming and innovative ideas to conserve those historical sites and culturally deep-rooted buildings, but also using art to inspire the residents with cultural awareness, so that the culture and the history of Ki-lrigan may be handed downwards from generation to generation. This is the central theme of Ki-lrigan Culture Studio, and we hope that everyone in Ki-lrigan can create a pleasant life in the future.


感謝 廖乃萱、郭蕙萱、蔡雙全,協助翻譯

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